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We will make sure your car runs great

Come see us for a tune-up!

You should get your vehicle tuned up every 30,000 miles or two years. Depending on what your vehicle requires, we will replace your fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, and look over your vehicle to make sure it is safe and in good condition. Tune-ups, while they may seem minor, are very important to prolonging the life of your vehicle.

For tune-ups, as your vehicle

requires, we will:

-   Replace fuel filters

-   Replace spark plugs

-   Replace distributor cap and rotor

-   Replace PCV valve

-   Replace air filter and more!

At Morin's Automotive and Towing, we leave no stone unturned and will look your vehicle up and down to make sure that it is in perfect working order.

We service vehicles of a wide variety of makes and models, including four-wheel drives